Dear Families,

Just a friendly reminder to all families to ensure that healthy snacks and lunches are packed for your child. We will be asking children not eat and will be sending home foods that do not support health and nutrition policy. Please be aware this includes snack potato chips, chocolates, lollies, sweet/chocolate yogurts, sweet biscuits and cakes. 

Here are some snack ideas:

  • Try whole or sliced fresh fruit or snack sized packs of fruit in juice.
  • Add diced /sliced/grated/frozen fruit or vegetables (corn/carrot/zucchini/ pumpkin) to wholegrain based pikelets/scones/muffins in the batter.
  • Add a thin spread of unsaturated margarine, some fruit on top of cooked pikelets/scones with ricotta cheese and dusted with cinnamon (eg banana, apple, pear, berries, grapes, nectarines or peaches) (great on top of fruit bread, wholegrain English muffins, toast or crumpets too).
  • Try raw vegetables cut into bite sized pieces for a snack or appetiser with drinks.
  • Consider corn on the cob.
  • Use small cans of ‘no added salt’ baked beans, bean salad mix or corn.

For more information please see

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to us

Thank you,

Blue Group