Library Borrowing Program


Library Borrowing Program

The four year old groups will begin their library borrowing experience week 3 of term 2.

Red group on Mondays and Blue group on Fridays.

Books will be borrowed for one week.

Children will need to bring a clearly labelled library bag to kinder on their library borrowing days to be able to take a book home.


The library borrowing program is an important part of our curriculum here at Viewbank.

Reading and Literacy skills begin by sharing books with children. It is an important time to nurture a love of books for life. By sharing a book with a child many learning outcomes are achieved. Other than literacy skills we hope the program will encourage responsibility and respect for books. Encourage your child to manage the responsibility of caring for the book and returning it. This is a great skill needed for school and life !

Some of the learning outcomes for pre-schoolers under the Victorian Curriculum framework include-

For children to engage with a range of texts and get meaning from these texts

For children to express ideas and make meaning using a range of media

For children to begin to understand how symbols and pattern systems work

For children to use information and communication technologies to access information, investigate idea’s and represent their thinking.

All these outcomes can be achieved through sharing books together. Talk about what happened in the story with your child. Use the book theme as a springboard for language rich conversations. Reflect on pictures and words in the book your child showed an interest in. Some children are already picking up on letter patterns in words at this time of the year.

Books don’t always have to be fictional. We have a mix of fictional and non fictional books in our library.

Enjoy story sharing time with your child !