Greeting Card Fundraiser

Dear Families

In mid-August we will be running a fundraising drive to raise money for an awesome new 4 piece outdoor kitchen set for imaginary play at the sand pit, metal sand pit diggers, plus further playground developments. We are hoping to raise $2000 and need your help and support.

Each family member will be given a small carry bag with 5 birthday & greeting card packs to sell. They’re a great, locally designed product and feature unique embellishments. Some are embossed, some have reflective foil, others have glitter and some have a 3D pop-up effect. Best of all, it’s just $15 per pack of 10 - $1.50 per card! At such great value, they’re sure to be a hit with family and friends.

We would love to have your support and ask you help out by selling these greeting cards.
If, however, you do not wish to be involved, please email me ( by August 3 to let me know. We do ask that in lieu of your involvement, where possible, you make a donation of $30 (the amount each pack will raise).

Thanks for your support!

We are grateful for your involvement in helping us raise funds for Viewbank Preschool.

Kind Regards

(Lachlan’s mum, Red Group)
Fundraising Convenor - Viewbank Preschool

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