Sports Program Term 4

Sports 4 Kinders 2017
The Sports 4 Kinders program has been operating and conducting fun filled high energy sport session in child care centres and kindergartens across Melbourne since 2001.
Sports 4 Kinders is an exciting, energetic and enjoyable incursion/program for children aged 1-5 yrs.  It is aimed at developing children in all areas of development by exercising their mind (cognitive) and body (physical).
Sports 4 Kinders will be at our kinder during term 4:
 Mondays @ 9.30-10.30 (red group) Fridays @ 9.30-10.30(blue group)
(All that we ask for is that you dress you’re your child in comfortable clothing for these days so that they can get the most out of the sports session.)
Looking forward to a fun and energetic term!!
Healthy mind healthy body!!!!