Parent Survey - 2016

Reminder - Parent Survey - 2016


Dear 2016 Viewbank Preschool Families,

Please find the link below to our 2016 Parent Survey.
This survey is designed to assist the Committee, in collaboration with staff, in evaluating the current Service and in determining the needs of the Service for the future.
Your contribution as a user of the Service is extremely valuable and please be assured that all responses are confidential.
Please complete and submit this survey by Friday 16 December 2016.
Thank you in advance for your time in doing so.
Parent Survey

The Viewbank Preschool Committee

Final Reminders

With our last day of kindergarten on Friday please remember-

  • If you don't have a Christmas themed costume(santa,elf,reindeer,fairy) for your child to wear to the concert on Friday they can wear their reindeer mask that  they brought home today .
  • The children  will require their  our morning snack as usual and if your child will be at kinder until the end of the session you should pack lunch also-(in case they are still hungry after our party).
  • Please make sure you collect any medication that belongs to your child .Eg- Asthma medication,Epipen,sunscreen.
  • See you Friday!

Last week of Kindergarten

Well,I can't believe it's here.Our final sessions of Kindergarten!

As we wind up the year in Blue Group please make sure you have had a look through the lost property box,returned all library books and have collected all your child's artwork.

On Friday we ask that you are here for our fabulous concert by 12noon sharp.The excitement is bound to be at an all time high and we don't want to keep our performers waiting.After the concert we will have our end of year celebration party.We realize some school age siblings maybe finishing early this day and  people have other commitments so feel free to leave before 3pm if needed.

See you then.

Barb,Anna & Brooke.

2nd Orientation Session for 2017 families.

Blue Group Parents,

Another orientation session for the 2017 Kindergarten families will be held this Friday(9th) after the Blue Group Kindergarten session.

Once again please ensure you are on time to pick up your child as staff will be preparing for the orientation session that starts at 3.30pm.A swift ' swoop in and fly out' collection would be much appreciated by us on this day as we don't have much time in between sessions.

Last weeks session went very well ,thank you for your co-operation and we appreciate your understanding.

Barb,Anna and Brooke.

Orientation Session-Friday 2nd December.

Blue Group Parents,

Our first orientation session for the 2017 Kindergarten families will be held tomorrow after the Blue Group Kindergarten session.

Please ensure you are on time to pick up your child as staff will be preparing for the orientation session that starts at 3.30pm.A swift ' swoop in and fly out' collection would be much appreciated by us on this day as we don't have much time in between sessions.

Thank you for your understanding,

Barb,Anna and Brooke.

Photos with Denise from Christmas party

Thanks to everyone that came along to enjoy our Christmas party with the entertaining Elf Twinkle Toes and the amazing talents of Lily's Face Painting! A great night was had by all and thankfully the rain managed to stay away!

Thank you to everyone for also celebrating Denise's retirement. For those people/children that had a photo taken with Denise on her "throne", if you would like a copy, please email Jodi at and I will endeavour to email you the correct photo! Please email all requests by Sunday 4 December as I will be unable to respond after this date.

Library Books

We finished our Library borrowing program this week so please return any books you may still have at home.According to our records these children have books to return to kinder.

Xavier-'Little Mist'    Teddy-'Fergus goes quackers'     Jason- Book no.716    Eila-'Alice In wonderland'       Jada- ' Goodnight Possum'      Logan- Book No. 314     Mitchell-'Football Crazy'

Samuel-'Down at the station'.

Helping your child prepare for school.

As the end of the year approaches there is a lot of focus on helping prepare your  preschooler for school next year.It is a very exciting time for both you and your child.

There are lots of ways you can assist your child to be confident,independent and capable,most of which you already do......things that are a part of every day life.....

Encourage your child to

  • Be independent-pack and carry their own bag for kinder-lunch/snack,waterbottle,HAT!
  • Blow their own nose when needed-put tissue in the bin and wash hands afterwards.
  • Dress themselves-particularly shoes and socks because this is tricky and takes lots of practice.
  • Open food packets or twist top yoghurts. 
  • Undo gladwrap or open containers themselves-lots of containers are very difficult to open,check which ones your child can open themselves.
  • Put their own sunscreen on
  • Put their dishes in the kitchen after a meal
  • Ensure boys have visited a public toilet with dad/grandpa and are familiar with urinals
  • Have a go at opening and closing the locks on toilet doors.
  • Pack away their toys

Extend pre-reading and mathematical skills-

  • draw attention to signs,advertisements and writing on them with your child.
  • Point out differences in symbols which lead to different meanings e.g.Men Women,Boys Girls,In Out,Open Closed.
  • Counting-number of plates needed on the table,cutlery,cups etc,Dad will be home in half an hour-that's one episode of playschool
  • Allow children help with the money when buying a few items
  • Ask your child to help sort the washing (no harm in introducing them early!!) match the socks, count the pairs.
  • Play number games-ask your child to bring you a chosen number of familiar objects eg pegs,cups etc- have your child search inside the house to find such things as the number of doors,tables,beds or cupboards.
  • Read house numbers when you go for a walk,see if they can tell you what the next one will be

  • With everyone talking about 'going to school' (from family and friends to the person that serves you at the checkout) it can become  It can also be overwhelming for some children (and parents!) and we often forget that from the time we finish the kinder year to the first day of school next year is still quite a long time for a child,so its a little tricky finding the balance between preparing the child for this new experience and focusing on it too much.Be guided by your child and talk about it when your child brings up the subject of school....enjoy the next few months with your preschooler as we know the time flies by very quickly.

  • Please feel free to chat about any concerns or questions you may have.

  • Just an idea......I made a photo board with my son Sam about 'getting ready for school each day'It was a fun thing to do(we did it at the end of the school holidays) together and a good visual check for him in the morning to remember what he needed to do each day. Its a bit hard to see in the photo....I will leave it in the office if you would like to take a look.    

Reminder: Kinder Christmas Party this Friday night - Pre-orders and volunteers needed

A reminder that our Christmas Party will be held on Friday 25 November from 5:30pm - 7:30pm at the Preschool. Please ensure your pre-order is returned as soon as possible. Orders cannot be accepted after Wednesday 23 November.

We also need as many volunteers as possible to assist on the night. Please put your name down on the roster on the Notice Board or email Jodi at Help is required with set up, cooking the BBQ and packing up.

We hope to see everyone there! As well as face painting and Elf Twinkle Toes, we will also be celebrating Denise's retirement!

Thanks for your support!

Concert Costumes

Dear parents,

As part of our end of year concert presentation the children will need to dress up. To get into the festive spirit we have decided on a few characters which will fit our concert theme.

Please choose from the following options -

Santa claus

A fairy

An elf

A reindeer.

The outfit does not need to be too elaborate so there is no need to go to too much effort. The children can wear their outfit for the whole session.

Thanking you in advance Barb,Anna and Brooke


Market stall this Sunday

Hello Families,

Many thanks for all the wonderful goods that have been donated so far that we will be selling at Latrobe market this Sunday. To make this morning a huge success & raise over $500 like last year, we also require volunteers to help sell these goods on the stall with Kate & Fiona. We would appreciate any time you can give even just 1-2 hours. The volunteer list is on the white notice board at kinder, we need your help!

Many thanks for all your support in making our kinder so wonderful. Regards Fiona & Kate (the fundraising team)

Book of Memories for Denise

For any families that may have been part of Denise's 3yo Green Kinder Group last year, I am putting together a book of memories for her as a keepsake of her 25 years at Viewbank kinder. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a quick note, picture or photo emailed to and I will do the rest. Alternatively please give it to Barb who will pass it on to me. Contributions would be appreciated by Tuesday 22 November 2016.

Many thanks, Jodi

Blue Group end of year concert and party.

Dear Families

Please help us celebrate our wonderful year together as Blue group.


Our end of year concert will be on:


 Friday 16th of December  

12 noon.

Parents, siblings and grandparents are invited to attend.


Our Party will follow the concert.

We will enjoy some party food together. We are asking families to bring a small plate of party food to help us celebrate. Plates can be left at morning drop off. We will put a food list out soon on the sign in book.


Barb,Anna and Brooke




End of Year Clean Up


Cleaning of the kinder and equipment is a huge task.

It is an expectation that every family will help with this  to keep our kinder hygienic and clean for the children.

The kinder needs the help of every family to clean equipment at the end of every year. This may be a construction set, dolls clothes, puzzles, etc.

We are asking each family to either

A.  take something home to clean, or

B.  spend half an hour of your time at the kinder  over the last 5 weeks of term.

Please speak to the educators in your group so we can arrange for something to go home with you if you choose option A. If you choose option B let us know when you will be dropping by to give us a hand.

Thanking you in advance.

Viewbank Educators


Denise's retirement

Dear Kinder families,

Our wonderful 3 year old kinder teacher, Denise Leslie, is retiring at the end of the year after working at Viewbank Preschool for 25 years. Denise has been a huge part of the kinder and community and she will be missed greatly. She has had a positive impact on so many children and families and we are thankful that Viewbank was able to benefit from her presence over so many years.

We can't thank Denise enough for her vibrant, loving, witty personality and whilst we are very sad to see her go, we wish her well for the future.

Barbara Madrigale (our current 4yo Blue Group teacher) will be taking over from Denise as 3 year old kinder teacher. Welcome Barb to this position!

James Elliott, President On behalf of the Committee of Management

Post box Excursion

We had a wonderful session writing letters to our friends today.We are looking forward to posting them ourselves next Tuesday.

We still need one more parent helper-please see Anna or myself if you can help out.

I also need permission forms for some of the children-PLEASE RETURN ON FRIDAY.