Program Reminders

Disabled Parking

Please respect our disabled parking area. We have carers and children who are physically disabled. Having a baby in a pram is not reason enough to use this spot, other parents and staff will be only too happy to help if required. Note: parents with infant twins will be permitted to park in this space.


Safety - Gates & Doors

In order to keep all children safe please ensure that gates and doors are closed properly behind you when entering and exiting the Preschool and that only your child/ren leave with you.


Dont forget to check your pockets for notices (these are located in the foyer area during your childs session)



Please ensure your child has sunscreen applied prior to all sessions, has a bucket or wide brimmed hat and shoulders must be covered (no spaghetti strap shirts/dresses or singlets)

Nut free & nutrition policy

  • We are a nut free Pre-school and there are children are anaphylactic to nuts so please no nuts 
  • Chips, lollies, chocolate etc. are not permitted in lunch and snack boxes