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Are you ready to run, jump, weave and climb?! Our annual Lap-a-thon takes place in the last week of Term 1. It's a great fun activity for the children, and for many their first opportunity to raise funds and participate in a group sports event.

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Our New Boat
7:30 PM19:30

Our New Boat


We are very excited to announce we have a new boat which has been installed along the side fence. Our new boats name is DORY.

Our boat is the start of our wonderful plan to make our yard an amazing outdoor play space. We plan to extend this space to include a dry river bed and a fruit forest.

We are calling on families for donations for our boat play space. This may be old life vests, lifesaving rings, pebbles, rocks or any prop which would suit this sea-side/river theme.

We are also  looking for helpers to continue to work on this project throughout the year. If you have an interest or expertise and would like to help develop our outdoor space please let one of our teachers know. DORY needs a new coat of paint. We need someone to help us draw up our garden plan so our boat sub-committee can plan step 2.

Hoping you can help.

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