End of year cleaning


Cleaning of the kinder and equipment is a huge task.

It is an expectation that every family will help with this  to keep our kinder hygienic and clean for the children.

The kinder needs the help of every family to clean equipment at the end of every year. This may be a construction set, dolls clothes, puzzles, etc.

We are asking each family to either

A.  take something home to clean, or

B.  spend half an hour of your time at the kinder  over the last few weeks of term.

Please speak to the educators in your group so we can arrange for something to go home with you if you choose option A. If you choose option B let us know when you will be dropping by to give us a hand.

Thanking you in advance.

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End of year concert preparations

Dear parents,

As part of our end of year concert presentation the children  will need to dress up. To get into the festive spirit we have decided on a few characters which will fit our concert theme.

Please choose from the following options -

Santa claus

A fairy

An elf

A  reindeer.

The outfit does not need to be too elaborate so there is no need to go to too much effort. The children can wear their outfit for the whole session.

Thanking you in advance

Ann-Marie, Merryn and Anna

Wear Your School Uniform To Kinder

On Thursday 14th of December we are asking children to wear their school uniforms to kinder if they have one. Even 1 item is okay ie. a hat

We have plenty of uniform pieces at kinder if you haven't purchased anything yet.

The children love to feel grown up and share this with their kinder friends. 



End Of Year Celebrations

Dear Families

Please help us celebrate our wonderful year together as Red group.


Our end of year concert will be on:


 Wednesday 20th of December

 1.15 - 1.45  


Parents, siblings and grandparents are invited to attend.


Our Party will be just for the children during the session at the completion of our concert.

We will enjoy some party food together. We are asking families to bring a small plate of party food to help us celebrate. Plates can be left in the kitchen before taking your seat for the concert. We will put a food list out soon on the sign in book.


Ann-Marie, Merryn, and Anna