Session Information and House - keeping for 2017


This will be the schedule we will generally follow. We are flexible and sometimes extend playtimes, or tailor the session around a special visitor or program.

Monday Timetable

8.30-10.00       Outdoor time

10.00-10.30     Group - time

10.30-10.45     Morning tea

10.45-12.15     Indoor time

12.15-12.30     Group time

12.30-1.00        Lunch

1.00-1.30         Quiet relaxation time, sunscreening

1.30-2.45         Outdoor time

2.45-3.00         Group time and pack bags


Wednesday Timetable

1.00-2.30     Indoor time

2.30-3.00    Group time

3.00-3.15    Afternoon tea

3.15-4.15    Outdoor time

4.15-4.30    Group time and pack bags


Thursday Timetable

8.30-10.00     Outdoor time

10.00-10.30   Group time

10.30-10.45   Morning tea

10.45- 12.15   Indoor time

12.15-12.30   Group time

12.30-1.00     Lunch

1.00-1.30      Group time and pack bags


Lunch Boxes - Parents are encouraged to provide healthy foods for their children. Confectionary items are not to be brought to pre-school.

Eating Times - Talk to your child about the food you are packing so they are clear on what to eat at each sitting. Ideally have a lunch container and a morning/afternoon tea container. Please make sure your child has lunch before they come on a Wednesday as we only have an afternoon tea at 3pm.

Bring a full water bottle to every session

Birthday Celebrations - In line with our new nutrition policy please do not bring in food based treats for your child’s birthday celebration. We will be celebrating birthdays in other ways. Your child will receive a birthday sticker and candle and the group will sing Happy Birthday on their special day. This year in red group we will have a birthday box. This will be like a lucky dip party box. Can each family please bring in a $5 birthday gift to contribute to our box. E.g. Fun pencil, stickers, rubbers, figurine. Your child will have their lucky dip into the box on their birthday celebration day.

Sun-smart - Can all parents please ensure your child comes to kinder with sun-screen applied by you every time they come to kinder until the end of term 1. If you forget at home we have a sunscreen basket near the sign in book which you can use on arrival. Sunscreen will then not be required until September. We will sunscreen the children on a Monday afternoon.

The children must have a sun hat for every session of term 1. They will need sun-hats again for term 3 and 4.

The children must have covered shoulders in term 1 so no strappy sun-dresses or singlets. The kinder t-shirt is ideal.

Shoes and safety - The children must wear shoes that are practical and safe for lots of active climbing and play. Ideally shoes that the children can take on and off themselves. Please no thongs.

Art-Box - Red group has an art box which is beside the sign in book at every session. Please collect art-work after every session.

Communication - Parents have a pocket for paper communication which should be checked at each session.

Please check all notice boards while you wait to collect your child. Information changes very regularly.

To keep up to date with what’s happening in the sessions and in the program you can look at our reflections folder which is always out with the sign in book. Alternatively you can log onto our web site to access information. You will be sent a weekly reflection via email. This will give you a snap-shot of what happened at kinder. There will be photo’s here which you can look at with your child.

What to do on arrival

Sign your child in.

We will open the kinder doors at the start of the session. If you arrive early please be patient and make use of time to check all our communication points at the front door. This includes our parent library which you are welcome to use.

Encourage your child to always wash their hands on arrival before hanging up their bags.

Place child’s water bottle on trolley.

Please ensure your child is wearing a sunhat before they head outside to play in the mornings.

What to do on departure

Sign your child out

Check for important notices on board

Check your communication pocket

Check the art box for your child’s art work.

Please wait outside until Merryn opens the door. The children will wait for their name to be called before leaving the mat. They will be packed and ready to go.

We have found this is the best way to all exit safely. We need to ensure all children are accounted for.  Please be patient during this routine as it can sometimes seem a little manic.

Looking forward to a great year ahead working with you and your child.

Ann-Marie, Merryn, and Anna.