Parent Teacher Meetings For Red Group - Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd February

Wednesday 1st February

1.00-1.15      Cath Cahir

1.15-1.30      Rita Brazzale


1.45-2.00      Cena Bogdanoski

2.00-2.15      Michelle Canzoneri

2.15-2.30      Rebecca Dimer-Carnovale

3.00-3.15      Annie La Rosa

3.15-3.30      Dot Underwood

3.30-3.45     Caroline Mezzavia

3.45-4.00     Grace Shi

Thursday 2nd February

8.30-8.45       Deborah Toose

8.45-9.00       Kate Cullen

9.00-9.15       Laura Osborn

9.15-9.30       Lana Scicluna

9.30-9.45       Fiona Minnock

9.45-10.00     Lucia Lu

10.30-10.45   Marzia Andronaco

10.45-11.00   Christina Spykers




Wednesday 15th February

11.00-11.15   Stacey Hadjigeorgiou

There are still some available slots If you don't have a meeting time yet.

Take a look at what is still available and give kinder a call on Monday 30th of January to lock in your time. If you have any other concerns give us a call on this day as educators will be there most of the day to answer your call.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone, see you soon.