Caring for Kids Raffle

In your pockets this week you will find a notice and raffle ticket book for the Caring for Kids raffle. There are some amazing prizes up for grabs, with our Preschool receiving $1 for each ticket sold. The remaining $1 proceeds from each ticket sold go the ELAA (Early Learning Association of Australia) who support us in the running of our service. As mentioned in the Fundraising survey, this is something we had already committed to. A list of other fundraisers and events planned for the year based on your input will be available shortly, as well as an update on all things fundraising! Thanks for all your support!

P.S. I have a 2016/2017 Entertainment Book going CHEAP! - it's brand new (leftover from last years' fundraiser) and you could easily recover costs on a dinner or outing in the next month and a bit. Let me know if you're interested! Caroline -