Term 3 Fees

Please note term 3 fees are now due - please see below or attached invoice.

Term 3 Fees - 4 Year Old

Due: Friday 19th June 2015

Programme Fee (non HCC): $355.00

Methods of Payment:

Cheque or Money Order- Made payable to VIEWBANK PRESCHOOL ASSOCIATION INC. and placed in Red Treasurer’s box next to the kitchen

Bank Deposit - WESTPAC Account, Viewbank Preschool Association Inc., BSB: 033-077 Account Number: 23-8827

To identify your payment please enter in the description field: The first 5 letters of your child’s surname followed by a – (hyphen) and their first initial. Finished by BT1, RT1 or GT1 (Blue, Red or Green group and Term 1). ie. Edward Bear, Green Group, Term 2 would be BEAR-E GT2

Please email the transaction receipt to: treasurer@viewbankpreschool.com.au OR print a copy and attach to payment slip from this letter, then place in Red Treasurer’s Box next to the kitchen.