Aaron Bear Sleep-Overs - Term 3 and 4

Dear Families

We would like to introduce you to Aaron our take home Teddy for Red group this year.


Every child will get a turn at taking Aaron home and then return him the next kinder session.

When you take Aaron home you will also bring an overnight bag with you which will contain a few essentials for an overnight stay and his journal.

We would like each family to create their own journal entry of Aarons stay at your house. Your child will share their page with the group at the next session.

You can be as creative as you like about Aaron’s adventures at your house. You can add photos, drawings, what Aaron has eaten, where has he been, where did he sleep etc.

Aaron goes for a sleep over on Mondays, and is returned on Thursdays. Another child then takes him home on a Thursday and he returns on the Monday. We will continue this activity into term 4 so every child will have a turn. We will allocate Aaron to go home at the end of each session via a name out of the hat system, which is also exciting for the children.

Having a take home teddy is really special for each child as they eagerly await their turn. This experience will help develop positive self-esteem in the children as they share their own special stories with us. The children will develop responsibility too as they take on the role of caring for Aaron.

Thank-you and we look forward to sharing this with you.

Ann-Marie, Merryn, and Melissa