Communications Reminder


It is vital that families keep informed of what is happening at the Preschool. The main forms of communication to families are Preschool website, emails, newsletters and notices, the noticeboards, and parent/teacher interviews.

Newsletters and Notices

Newsletters, news (notices and events) will be updated to the Viewbank Website. An automatic email will be sent to you when any news items are added.

Every child also has a notice "pocket" and information may be passed on in this manner. It is important that you read ALL notices emailed or sent home and regularly check the noticeboards outside the preschool. If someone other than you collects your child regularly, please make sure that they collect notices on your behalf. It is your responsibility to know what is happening at preschool.

A record of newly released notices will be kept online on the website – and then the Group Link at the bottom of the page. Should have forgotten or misplaced the password provided at the start of the year, the password for this secure login is located on the inside cover of the Daily Reflections folder that is display every session in the foyer.

Need a refresh on any program information - view the 4yo Program Handbook