Preparing Your Child For School

Helping your child prepare for school.


As the end of the year approaches there is a lot of focus on helping prepare your preschooler for school next year. It is a very exciting time for both you and your child.

There are lots of ways you can assist your child to be confident, independent and capable, most of which you already do......things that are a part of everyday life.....

Encourage your child to

·         Be independent-pack and carry their own bag for kinder-lunch/snack, waterbottle, HAT!

·         Blow their own nose when needed-put tissue in the bin and wash hands afterwards.

·         Dress themselves-particularly shoes and socks because this is tricky and takes lots of practice.

·         Open food packets or twist top yoghurts. 

·         Undo gladwrap or open containers themselves-lots of containers are very difficult to open, check which ones your child can open themselves.

·         Put their own sunscreen on

·         Put their dishes in the kitchen after a meal

·         Ensure boys have visited a public toilet with dad/grandpa and are familiar with urinals

·         Have a go at opening and closing the locks on toilet doors.

·         Pack away their toys

Extend pre-reading and mathematical skills-

·         Draw attention to signs, advertisements and writing on packets. Read them with your child.

·         Point out differences in symbols which lead to different meanings e.g. Men Women, Boys Girls, In Out, and Open Closed.

·         Counting-number of plates needed on the table,cutlery,cups etc,Dad will be home in half an hour-that's one episode of playschool

·         Allow children help with the money when buying a few items

·         Ask your child to help sort the washing (no harm in introducing them early!!) match the socks, count the pairs.

·         Play number games-ask your child to bring you a chosen number of familiar objects e.g. pegs, cups etc.- have your child search inside the house to find such things as the number of doors,tables,beds or cupboards.

·         Read house numbers when you go for a walk, see if they can tell you what the next one will be

·         With everyone talking about 'going to school' (from family and friends to the person that serves you at the checkout) it can become overwhelming for some children (and parents!) and we often forget that from the time we finish the kinder year to the first day of school next year is still quite a long time for a child. It’s a little tricky finding the balance between preparing the child for this new experience and focusing on it too much. Be guided by your child and talk about it when your child brings up the subject of school....enjoy the next few months with your preschooler as we know the time flies by very quickly.

·         Please feel free to chat about any concerns or questions you may have.

·         Just an idea......make a photo board  about 'getting ready for school each day ‘It is a fun thing to do( do it at the end of the school holidays together ) It is a good visual check  in the morning to remember what is needed each day. Good luck!!