Dear parents,


The kinder program currently has a focus on domestic pets. Our program objectives aim to develop positive attitudes to the environment by, handling living things with care and acknowledging and valuing the natural physical world.


As part of our program we are asking families to send in a photo of any pets the children may have at home. We will be making a book to share in our room for the rest of the year.


Can’t wait to learn more about Nelly, Moose, Garry, Buffy, Sam, Lucy, Gypsy, Louie, Libby, Harry, JuJu, Tuna, Coco, Ruby, Daisy, Cornflakes, Claire, Roseflower and Loach.


It doesn’t matter how small a pet may be. It could even be a visiting pet !

Please let us know the name and age of your pet, and any special talents they have.


Thanking you in advance


Ann-Marie and Merryn