RE: Staff PD

Dear Parents,

On Wednesday the 18th May Ann-Maree and Merryn will be attending an online professional development (PD) training course in the Staff Office at Kinder. The course commences at 4pm, and will overlap with the last half an hour of the Wednesday session (i.e. from 4pm till 4.30pm). We have arranged for Vicki Mules (4 year old parent and qualified Kindergarten Teacher) to take the class for the last half an hour. I will assist Vicki during this time also.

Staff PD is very important for both our staff and the Kinder. Whilst PD is normally undertaken outside of class hours, this particular training is running at this time only. Ann-maree and Merryn will both be onsite in the Staff office if required. However we ask that they not be disturbed after the Wednesday session if possible as the training will still be going, and any follow up from parents be done at the start of the Wednesday session, or on the following morning at the Thursday session.

We thank you for your understanding, but please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any queries or concern in relation to the above. My details are below.


James Elliott
Viewbank Kinder President
Phone: 0431 554 575