Kew Traffic School Excursion - Monday 8th August



Monday 8th August

Excursion Details:

The Kew Traffic School is a safe environment in which road safety skills and awareness are developed. Our education session will run from 9.30until 11am. The children will be involved in a road safety education session indoors for 20 minutes. They will then have a walking activity outside with the instructor. They will finish with riding bikes in a unique village style facility with roads, roundabouts, intersections, road signage and working traffic lights. At the completion of the session we will have morning tea before returning back to kinder.



Kew Traffic School


45 seat charter bus

Departure/Arrival Times:

Leaving Preschool:  9am                                     Arriving at Destination: 9.30am

Leaving Destination: 11.30                                   Arriving at Preschool: noon

Anticipated Number of children on excursion:


Anticipated Ratio of Educators to Children:

3 educators, 7:1 ratio

Anticipated Number of other adults:

5 parents

Risk Assessment prepared & available at the Preschool:



$20 – This covers bus ride and education program.

Additional Information:




Please bring along your child’s bicycle helmet if they have one. If you don’t have one please let us know so we can pack some of our kinder helmets.

Please have your child’s morning tea separate to lunch on the day so we can pack them on the bus. Please supply in a clearly labelled container. We will have a basket out in the morning as you come in to place them in along with clearly labelled drink bottles. Parents helping will travel on the bus with the group.


I have read and understood the information regarding the above mentioned excursion and give permission for my child/ren (insert name/s) __________________________________________________ to attend.



Signature of Parent/Guardian




Contact Person 1: _________________________________


Phone Number: _______________________

Contact Person 2: _________________________________


Phone Number: _______________________

Childs Medical Practitioner: _________________________

(In case of an incident, injury, trauma or illness while on excursion)




METHODS OF PAYMENT Cheque or Money Order

Made payable to VIEWBANK PRESCHOOL ASSOCIATION INC. and placed in Red Treasurer’s box next to the kitchen. 

No Cash

Cash payments are not accepted. 

Electronic Payment via Internet to be paid to: 

WESTPAC Account, Viewbank Preschool Association Inc. 

BSB: 033-077 Account Number: 23-8827

To identify your payment please enter in the description field: 

The first 5 letters of your child’s surname followed by a – (hyphen) and their first initial. Finished by BTRAFFIC or RTRAFFIC (Blue or Red group and TRAFFIC). 

ie. Edward Bear, Green Group, TRAFFIC would be BEAR-E RTRAFFIC

Please email the transaction receipt to: OR print a copy and attach to payment slip from this letter, then place in Red Treasurer’s Box next to the kitchen. 








Phone Number: _______________________