Welcome back to term 3

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays!

Our kinder sessions resume on Monday 11th July.

Please remember to return library books on Monday as our library borrowing program continues this term. Most children will have 2 books to return as we borrowed 2 books for the holidays.

We have a few important dates for term 3 to put on your calendars. More detailed information will be sent to you closer to each event.

Aboriginal Incursion                    Thursday 28th July                      11.20 - 12.00

Kew Traffic school excursion      Monday 8th August                     10.30 - 1.30

Night Kinder                                Wednesday 17th August               5 - 7.30pm

The night kinder session will replace the afternoon session on this day.

Fathers day Gala                          Wednesday 7th September          6 - 7.15pm

Fairies and Football Day              Thursday 15th September             last session


See you Monday.

Ann-Marie, Merryn and Brooke