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Our Curriculum

Our programs at Viewbank Preschool are influenced by the National and Victorian Early Learning Year’s Frameworks and follow the Viewbank Preschool Teaching Philosophy.

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Viewbank Preschool Teaching Philosophy

Belonging, Being & Becoming - The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia 

Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (hosted externally)

The learning outcomes for children are:

1.       Children have a strong sense of identity

2.       Children are connected with and contribute to their world

3.       Children have a strong sense of well being

4.       Children are confident and involved learners

5.       Children are effective communicators

Our educators seek feedback from children's families and our community. We incorporate this along with the children’s interests, intentional teaching and play-based experiences in our programs.

We believe that children learn through play and offering safe, inviting settings in which they are free to explore and experiment while having caring educators available to support the learning through a hands-on approach.

We provide a wide variety of educational play experiences including 'messy' play through use of different textures and materials, and offer a natural yard area where the children can discover the wonder of outside.

Chinese Language Program

From term 1 in 2019, we provide a Chinese language program to our 4-year-old groups. This program is fully funded by the Victorian Government to actively encourage preschool children to learn another language. By introducing a second language in our 4-year-old groups, we aim to support children’s development in the following areas:

  • Increase children’s language and literacy skills;

  • Strengthen children’s brain development (concentration, memory etc.);

  • Improve problem-solving skills;

  • Develop an understanding of the diversity of people, language, culture and heritage;

  • Build healthy and confident self-identity.

The language program is guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and is a part of the preschool’s educational program and practice.