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3 Year old kindergarten

Children are eligible to attend 3 year old kindergarten if they will turn 3 years old by the 30th April in the year of attendance.

3 year old kindergarten is often a child’s first experience of being away from home and/or family members. We look forward to working with you to make this experience an enjoyable and positive one.

If your child is born in the months January through to April, you have the option of sending them in the year they turn 3 or waiting until the following year.

All children are different, with their own personalities, experiences and levels of development. Whilst one child may be ready to begin their education journey at 3 years old, another may be better off starting a little later.

How do I know if my child is ready?

When considering whether your child is ready to attend 3 year old kindergarten it may be helpful to think about the following.

  • Will my child be able (with support) to say goodbye and separate without a great deal of distress?

  • Will they be able to interact positively with others and find a sense of belonging within a group of 21 other children?

  • If confronted with challenges can they ask for help?

  • Are they beginning to share equipment and spaces with others?

  • Can they follow a basic routine and instructions?

  • Do they have the language and/or confidence to interact with both peers and teachers?

  • Can they concentrate for short periods of time at activities of interest and can they work towards completing small/simple tasks?

  • Are they beginning to show independence with self-help and toileting skills? For example, how confident are they in feeding themselves and going to the toilet unaided?

  • Are they able to help pack up and enjoy a song or story together with their friends?

If you would like to discuss your child’s readiness for 3 year old Kindergarten, please feel free to make a time to come and speak to our three year old group educators.

New Enrolments

3-year-old preschool enrolments

Applications will open the first business day of March the year prior to your child attending the 3-year- old program. A $20 non-refundable deposit is required to be paid with the application along with a copy of your child's Immunisation History Statement

Apply here for 2020

The Committee of Management recommends that families enrol in at least one other 3-year-old preschool programme in the event you do not receive a place at this preschool.

For all enquiries regarding the 3-year-old program please contact us below:

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4-year-old preschool enrolments

Enrolments for 4-year-old preschool are made through Banyule City Council. Enrolment forms are available from the Council.   Places are allocated in date of enrolment order. Enrolment forms are accepted first business day in March the year prior to enrolment directly submitted to Banyule Council.

Preschools are subsidised by the State Government making them affordable for all families. Families who have a current Health Care Card receive an additional discount on the preschool fees each term. Government funding for preschool is payable to only one organisation so if your child also attends a registered kindergarten program within a long day care centre, you must nominate Viewbank Preschool to receive the government funding. More detailed information about our fees can be obtained by contacting us directly via the below contact form.   

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Is my child eligible for 4-year-old kindergarten?

Children are eligible to attend 4-year-old kindergarten if they will turn four years old by the 30th April in the year of attendance. Parents of children born in the months January through April, have the choice of which year to enrol their child.  If your child will not be four years old at the start of his/her four-year-old kindergarten year, you will need to consider whether your child will benefit from attending kinder in the year of eligibility or the following year.   A second year of kindergarten will only be approved for those children who have a proven developmental delay.

Priority of access for kindergarten places in Banyule

Priority of access is given to children whose family live in Banyule, who use home based child care or work within Banyule, or who wish to attend a Banyule kindergarten which is the closest kindergarten to their home even though they do not reside in Banyule. Families from surrounding municipalities applying for positions within Banyule kindergartens are not automatically guaranteed of a place.

For further information about 4-year-old preschool enrolments, please contact:            

Loretta Pepper, Banyule City Council, Ph: 9490 4222

You can download additional information from Banyule City Council by clicking on the following link:

General Kindergarten Registration Information


2019 fees:

3-year-old program - $450 per term + maintenance & amenities fees

4-year-old program - $500 per term + maintenance & amenities fees