Some thoughts from our past families 

We feel most fortunate to be a part of Viewbank Preschool. It has a very warm and welcoming feeling that puts both parents and children at ease. The educators and support staff go above and beyond in the level of care shown to the children. We are most impressed by the stimulating, engaging and varied program and experiences that have been offered to our child this year. We cannot rave more about our amazing educators, in particular Barb and Anna, two of the most caring, talented and positive people. We will be forever grateful for their positive influence in terms of our child’s development.
The special events, family participation (eg class books sent home) and overall quality of the program are of an extremely high standard and help to facilitate the very important home / kinder relationship.
The staff are wonderful, caring and nurturing. They take the time to get to know the children and their families. We couldn’t be happier. My daughter has an amazing year with Barb and Anna.
Why did you choose Viewbank Preschool for your child to attend? We were very impressed by the warm, supportive and family centred feeling we felt at the open day prior to selecting a 3 year old preschool.
As parents, we could not have been more fortunate to have Ann Marie & Merryn look after our son this year. Both are highly talented educators & absolutely wonderful people. Our son goes off to primary school a very happy & prepared little boy.
I really like that the teachers often create activities in response to what children have talked about, requested or made in an earlier kinder session. I like the adaptability of the teachers and their willingness to be guided by the children and validate the children’s work and ideas. I also like the wide variety of topics that are covered in the kinder year.
My son has flourished in this program, I am very happy.
I love the open outdoors space, the play based learning & that mostly families are local which helps when moving to a local school. The educators have been fantastic with working with my child to help her to speak up for herself.
Denise has done an excellent job with her weekly updates with her photo and written accounts of what has been accomplished in each Kinder Session. Really thankful for this as it gives great insight as to what the children are doing week after week! Thank you!
I loved being able to access the Reflections from home, also hubby can see what’s happening too.
I think Viewbank Preschool cover a great range of activities as part of the fees. Obviously different kids will enjoy different activities more than others but it is good to offer exposure to all types.
The kids were very excited about the night sessions and I think it is a great idea! PJ’s are always fun!
The best thing about Viewbank Preschool is being involved and meeting other families, which so many will be at Viewbank Primary for both myself and my daughter. My daughter has blossomed under Ann-Maries guidance and is confident and ready for school. Ann-Marie is incredibly thoughtful and is willing to listen and adapt to take in considerations of all children and families.
I have really enjoyed the sense of community that comes with the kinder and always being welcome in any capacity - especially with younger siblings in tow! The educators are wonderful, warm and are completely engaged with all the children. Also very supportive of additional needs - for both kids and parents!
VBPS has been a fantastic little community to be involved in this year & we have enjoyed being actively involved in our son’s preschool year. Our most valued experience has been watching our son grow & develop into a curious & interested boy who enjoys learning. We have massive thanks to pay to Ann Marie & Merryn for that.
The website with reflections are eagerly anticipated in our household. We enjoy sitting down together and reading the reflections / looking at the photos. This helps to facilitate a natural discussion about the kinder day/week. The email reminders are most valuable.