Here’s a snapshot of feedback received in the 2019 Parents survey. 

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Viewbank Preschool is a warm and welcoming community. I like the structured approach to learning, providing a great scaffold for the children as they begin their transition to school. There are always new and exciting learning experiences for the children, such as the hatching eggs program and the yoga program. The educators have the best interest of the children at heart at all times. I know my child is always safe, respected and well looked after at kinder.
The educators are great and take the time to get to know the kids and their individual needs. I feel they are really getting them ready for the transition to school. The kids do such a range of engaging thoughtful activities. They are aware of the emotional and social needs of the kids as well as the physical school readiness.
My child absolutely loves going to kinder and is always coming home with stories to tell and has come so far in his learning since the beginning of the year.
Why did you choose Viewbank Preschool for your child to attend? We were very impressed by the warm, supportive and family centred feeling we felt at the open day prior to selecting a 3 year old preschool.
Enthusiastic, energetic, caring educators. Sophia and Anna are both wonderful. The stimulating and safe environment offered. The preschool is always introducing stimulating programs for the children including Mandarin, yoga, library borrowing, hatching chickens. Timely and comprehensive communication from the educators about what the children are doing during sessions. I have been so impressed.
Ann-Marie plans stimulating, engaging and high-quality learning experiences for the children. Her approachability, supportive nature and willingness to support the individual child and their needs are highly valued qualities. She is a passionate educator, well supported by the wonderful Merryn and Rebecca. The educators at Viewbank Preschool are highly committed to the development of the whole child. We are most grateful for the team and incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful role models for our children.
VPS does a great job in helping the kids become responsible for themselves and being ready to start school. I love how the interests of the kids lead the learning and kinder is my all time favorite. I feel it has many advantages over a daycare environment as kinder sets out clear expectations for the kids (at levels they can achieve) and the learning seems to sink in a bit more.
Sophia has taken time to listen to our feedback and queries. We have felt understood, valued and respected by her. Innovation in the program, e.g Chinese program and yoga, is excellent. The lapathon was a great fundraiser to participate in. Opportunities for family, from helping out at Kinder to grandparents being able to access Story Park, allow our whole extended family to support and feel involved with our child’s education.
Friendly educators. Outdoor space - well used and thought out. Good to see activities changing over time to keep children engaged, particularly the older ones. Parent teacher meeting - opportunity to discuss issues. Links with primary school
The educators are engaged and understand how to facilitate learning and play without controlling it. The educators have developed a good understanding of the personalities of the children and have done a great job building their confidence